November 11, 2020 3 min read

5 Power Moves
[Energy Innovation at Work]
  1. WAREHOUSE UPGRADE: We recently finished this 175,000-square-foot warehouse for a Virginia client. The work: An LED lighting retrofit, new lighting design and layout, and motion sensors with dimming capabilities. Results: More than 75 percent energy savings. Bonus: $25,000+ in rebates and incentives. ROI in less than two years.

    + VIDEO: Another warehouse client shares why they switched to LED.
  2. BETTER AIR: WebMD asks: Can a portable air cleaner protect you from COVID? Yes, with caveats and advice on what to know before you buy. We can help too. Explore Veteran LED's germicidal UVC lighting, air filtration products and business solutions, or drop us an email.
  3. INDOOR FARMING: “Indoor agriculture is moving from niche market to the agricultural mainstream, with the global market being valued at $26.8 billion. ... Yet indoor farming is an energy-hungry practice.” The solution, in part, lies in efficient building design, LEDs to supplement sunlight and HVAC technology. Read more.
  4. COVID WATCH: Safety and health of employees ranks as the top concern in a new survey from the Virginia Society of CPAs and Virginia Business. Energy efficiency is one solution: The Virginia Energy Efficiency Council features Veteran LED in this must-read report on healthier buildings, better working conditions and the fight against COVID-19.
  5. DID YOU SAY JELLYFISH? Yup, this Northern Virginia company turned to jellyfish for help with a new smart sensor that can detect COVID-19 in the air.
Thank You, Fellow Veterans
Our newsletter is out on Veterans Day, and I want to take a moment to say thanks to my fellow veterans, and to you for your support.

I knew I wanted to serve in the military before I got my driver’s license. After high school I joined the U.S. Marine Corps — which celebrated its 245th birthday yesterday. I served two tours in Iraq and consider it an honor. 

Eventually I started Veteran LED. In this video last year, I shared how my startup got its name, and how it affects our mission.

My team and I appreciate you, your business and your encouragement as we grow and explore new specialty areas, including germicidal UVC lighting, air filtration and overall energy efficiency strategies and plans for clients.

It’s fitting that I sat down with a fellow veteran, Dan Misch, for our newest episode of the Energy Sense Podcast. Through the years, and with the help of organizations like his Veterans Advanced Energy Project, I’ve come to understand how closely energy aligns with national security. We discussed that connection and why veterans are drawn to this industry. You can listen here.

By the way: If you’re in Virginia, or interested in watching our Veterans Day Ceremony live from the Virginia War Memorial, it starts at 11 a.m. Here’s how you can watch.

Chris Rawlings
Chief Efficiency Officer
Veteran LED
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