July 02, 2020 3 min read

5 Resources for a Safer Workspace
[Reducing Risk in the Fight Against COVID-19]
People are starting to return to work, and that means rethinking how we prepare our buildings for employees and office tenants. Our team is here to help you navigate these new situations. Here are some resources:
  1. In partnership with QuipTech Medical, Veteran LED now offers PPE to help businesses return to work safely. We provide testing kits, protective coverings, filters, bi-polarization systems, UV-C lighting and more. Click here for our complete COVID Response Catalog.
  2. Are you a building owner, facilities manager, engineer or contractor looking to utilize Germicidal (UV-C) Lighting technology as a tool to fight COVID-19? Veteran LED Founder Chris Rawlings lays out key specifications to consider and what’s available. A Guide for Building Managers to Adopt Germicidal (UV-C) Lighting Solutions.
  3. Listen to our podcast: UV Light and the Coronavirus: How Ultraviolet Light Helps Fight COVID-19.
  4. Watch a free replay of our webinar on the commercial and industrial applications of ultraviolet light in battling COVID-19 and other viruses: Introduction to UV-C Lighting.
  5. For the latest news and updates on creating and maintaining a healthy work environment, join Chris Rawlings on LinkedIn and read our blog at VLED.energy.
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How to Optimize Your Buildings
[Our Podcast: Episode 9]
Every day we see more signs that energy efficiency is aligning with our needs for buildings to achieve environmental quality standards. In our new episode of the Energy Sense podcast, we look at creating healthier workspaces.

Indoor air quality always has been important. But the coronavirus pandemic is creating a hyper-focus on air quality in commercial buildings. And new regulations are emerging at the federal, state and local levels.

It’s a tricky combination. Is your building meeting current standards? How can you find resources to make necessary upgrades? The good news is, there are many advantages to optimizing your building right now. This is an opportunity.

We’re also here for you if you’d like to talk about your situation. Email us to schedule a free 30-minute call about your building, and find out how we can provide an energy, environmental and building health assessment. You can also visit us at VLED.energy.

You can find the Energy Sense podcast on most podcasting platforms — Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, iHeartRadio and TuneIn.

Listen to the New Episode Here.
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Thank You + Happy Fourth
JOIN US IN CELEBRATING: The wonderful freedoms this country offers. In these times when there’s so much unrest and anxiety, we can feel grounded in the liberty that so many people have fought and died for. America isn’t a perfect country, but we’re always improving and striving for greatness. We hope you enjoy this July Fourth weekend.

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