August 12, 2020 4 min read

Making History at Silver Diner
[Customized System by Veteran LED Takes Effect Today]
Veteran LED is incredibly proud to help Silver Diner and Silver, American Brasserie, become the first restaurant group in the country to install customized air filtration, purification and UV-C light systems throughout their 20 restaurants.

Starting today, the restaurants are using the system as part of their commitment to employee and customer health and wellness, while making dining indoors as close as you can come to outdoor dining.

Veteran LED designed the system, which includes germicidal UV-C light, bipolar ionization technology and HEPA filtration. Air purifiers, mounted throughout each restaurant, work to continuously clean the air by using all three technologies simultaneously.

Germicidal UV-C lights installed throughout the HVAC system work to disinfect air and surfaces inside the system. Heavy duty, handheld UV-C light sterilizers are being used on high-touch areas as part of the closing duties of the staff. At night, when the restaurant is closed, the interior is bathed in germicidal UV-C light to help kill pathogens in the air and sterilize surfaces.
“Our goal is to make indoor dining as safe as possible to outdoor dining,” Silver Diner group Co-founder and President Robert Giaimo says. “We are investing in this because we believe this is the restaurant model of the future.”

“This pandemic is forcing businesses, engineers, architects and more, to rethink how proven technology and a little innovation can go a long way in helping to support a safer environment for all building occupants,” Veteran LED Chief Efficiency Officer Chris Rawlings says.

“Air quality and healthy environments are on the forefront of all of our minds right now," Rawlings continues. “We’re obligated to use our resources and knowledge, based on scientific evidence, to effectively address this concern.” 

Silver Diner serves three million customers a year. We hope you’ll stop by for a fresh, delicious meal soon.
Clockwise from top: Veteran LED installs a wall-mounted air purifier at the Silver Diner location in Innsbrook, west of Richmond, Virginia. Television and radio reporters interview Chris Rawlings this week at a Silver Diner launch event in the D.C. area.
Our Guest: Matt Kellam of
Dominion Energy

[Our Podcast: Episode 10]
It was a pleasure to invite Matt Kellam on our new episode of the Energy Sense Podcast to chat with a fellow former Marine, host Chris Rawlings.

Matt is the Military and Recruitment Program Coordinator for Dominion Energy, with more than 20 years of staffing and workforce development experience. He shares how the military has become an important source of talent for not only for Dominion but also the energy industry as a whole.

We discuss how energy employers and transitioning veterans are connecting, what makes them such a good match, and what big energy utilities look for in supplier diversity.

Even if you aren’t connected to the military, you might hear some tips about working with Dominion Energy as a supplier.

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Veteran LED in the News
ZAPPING THE GERMS: Thank you to investigative reporter Kerri O’Brien of 8 News for featuring Veteran LED’s germicidal UV-C lighting and air quality solutions in her report about workplace safety in the era of COVID-19. Click here to watch her story.

NEWSRADIO WRVA: Thank you to host John Reid and his team for having Veteran LED’s Chris Rawlings on the morning news show July 13 to discuss ultraviolet light’s role in combatting the coronavirus. Click here to listen.
Thank You + Free Analysis
THANK YOU: We’re grateful to be working with new clients. Thank you to Wayne County EMS out of Kentucky, who’s using our air purifiers in the back of their ambulances. Welcome aboard to E&R Sales of Midlothian.

BACK TO SCHOOL: We’re proud to be back at the Millwood School, where we’re helping make the air cleaner as students head back to the classroom. We’ve installed a number of germicidal UV light and air purification products throughout the school, including this wall-mounted unit, pictured below, in the school lobby. Go Bobcats!

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