September 01, 2020 3 min read

The Virginia Clean Economy Act
[Behind the Scenes with Chelsea Harnish]

The energy sector in Veteran LED’s home state, Virginia, is about to see transformative change with the passage of the Virginia Clean Economy Act.

We look forward to the results of the changes — boosting the economy, reducing electric bills for families and encouraging job growth. 

The Virginia Energy Efficiency Council helped advocate for those changes. Executive Director Chelsea Harnish recently participated in the ceremonial bill signing with the governor. (You can watch it here).

Veteran LED is a proud member of the Virginia Energy Efficiency Council, and we were eager to sit down with Chelsea. In the new episode of our podcast, Chelsea she shares insight about the advocacy process and what comes next.

Veteran LED founder Chris Rawlings also asks Chelsea about the intersection of health and energy efficiency, something we’ve been taking a deep dive into with our new Germicidal UV-C Lighting solutions and services.

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SILVER DINER: We’re thrilled for our client Silver Diner, which continues to make headlines for the work it did using Veteran LED’s germicidal UV-C lighting and air quality solutions.

Among the coverage, we made the front page of the Richmond Times-Dispatch, and had the opportunity to talk with Rob Desir of CBS-6 about our solutions. His story aired last week. You can watch it here.
Fixing School Energy Waste
Beyond their challenges with COVID-19, schools have been making headlines for getting into solar. You may have seen it at a school near you — here’s one recent report from the Virginian-Pilot about Virginia Beach and Newport News.

We support our energy colleagues in the solar business, but we believe that schools should prioritize energy efficiency before making renewable energy upgrades. Otherwise, the energy you think you’re saving could be wasted.

Three questions for building managers before getting into the solar trend:
  1. How energy efficient have we made the building?
  2. Have we replaced old lighting with LED?
  3. How’s our HVAC system performing?
We’ve been proud to work with schools on their energy efficiency projects. We’ve also been helping them make their air cleaner, including the Millwood School and most recently the Richmond Montessori School.

As the organizers behind Energy Efficiency Day recently noted: Utility costs are the second-largest expenditure for schools. Fixing these issues can help use limited resources more wisely.

Not only that — it can make them safer.

A new report from the Government Accountability Office shows how energy efficiency retrofits improve the conditions for students, teachers and staff by improving building safety. Read more.
We’re Here to Help
We welcome Dane Acton to the Veteran LED team. Dane brings a wealth of knowledge in restaurant operations, where he worked as a bartender and manager for more than 18 years, and most recently in the restaurant equipment and supplies sales industry. A native of Snowville, Virginia, Dane has lived in Richmond for 19 years. He’s here to help you with Germicidal UV Lighting and Air Purification Solutions. Get in touch with him at

Veteran LED is also proud to have Project Manager Tyler Bell on board. Tyler grew up in the Richmond area and has been working with us for a year and a half — though he’s known Veteran LED Founder Chris Rawlings for three decades. He says that makes for a great work environment. Tyler is a big sports fan and loves working on projects in the field with clients, Veteran LED and its partners to make sure it all comes together. Email him at

THANK YOU: We’re grateful to be working with new clients. Thank you to the Richmond Montessori School and Jefferson Surgical.

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