8.5W Wall Mounted Ultraviolet Air Purifier and MERV 13 Filter (250 sq ft)


  • Intelligent automatic air detection sensors which detect the air quality of a room and automatically adjust the intensity setting. You'll have peace of mind knowing that you're surrounded by the cleanest air at any given moment 
  • Double fan system that maximizes the volume of air flowing  through the filtering mechanism. Unlike traditional purifiers, these fans are designed to ensure that as much air as possible is being exposed to the advanced filtration system. Yet despite their power, these fans are very quiet. Even at their maximum speed, it maintains noise level below 53 decibels. 
  • Timed sleep function, with two settings that you can adjust to suit your schedule. It allows you to go about your day without worrying about having to turn it off. Although many people prefer to leave the air purifier on 24 hours a day, this sleep feature is quite convenient for some.
  • Multiple stages of filtration including the advanced UV-C and Negative Ion sterilization processes for the cleanest and freshest air quality yet


But it's not just this advanced smart tech that makes this device worth it. This air purifier is designed to fit into the aesthetics of your home or office set up in way that suits you.

Dimensions: Standing at 13" x 5" x 11.7", it has a sleek and unobtrusive modern design

Weight: It's 5.5 lb! This light weight adds a whole dimension of versatility: It's portable, ready to move to a different room as and when you need it; or it's mountable able to placed out of reach of children. Either way its remote control feature, which works from up to 13 ft- 16 ft away, means you can operate it with little inconvenience

Scent: The device is equipped with fragrance dispenser to which you can add any scent to make your space feel as you wish it to, the smell of fresh pines to take you out into the open or scented candles to set a calm and relaxing tone. You decide. 

Air Flow: 36cfm / 60m3/h

Power Supply:  Plug and play hub. 120V, 60Hz 

Power Wattage: 8.5 W

Amps: 0.07083

Batteries: 2 x AAA for the remote (included!).

Warranty: 1 year warranty. Any defect or functional issues are covered under our 1 year warranty. Please contact us at info@vled.energy with a description of the problem. We will send you a return label for shipping, and upon verification of the issue, will either refund or send you a new replacement unit per your request.

With all these features, clean air has never been so easy! 

If you have any questions or are just unsure about anything why not just drop us a line at support@veteranled.com or call us at (804) 562-8606. 


Our top selling 8.5W Wall Mountable Air Purifier uses UV-C sterilization to cleanse the air in a room beyond the level of cleanliness achieved by traditional air filters. This air purifier is especially effective in dealing with the pathogens and viruses, filtering the air by removing them and introducing cleaner breathable air. The purifier is also equipped with smart technology – these features will provide an efficient and convenient solution to any air quality issues you may be experiencing. This device is suitable for use in your home, classroom or office.

The purifier comes with a MERV 13 rated Air Filter that must be replace every 90 days to maintain optimal air quality.