Office UVC Solutions


As offices are beginning to open again to their employees, property managers are looking to Germicidal lighting to provide their employees and visitors a safe and healthy environment to get work done. 

Bowerbird has developed UVC (Ultraviolet-C) Solutions that prevent the spread of Covid and other viruses. Here are our three air purifiers that intakes contaminated air and returns clean purified breathable air for a variety of room sizes and applications.

150W UVC High Occupancy Wall Mount Air Purifier
The 150W High Occupancy purifier is designed for spaces that hold a considerable number of people. This air purifier boasts an air flow rate of 600 CFM and is perfect for large open rooms and spaces. The air purifier can generally perform 4-8 cycles of clean air per hour depending on room size and application. This purifier is both power and quiet, intaking any contaminated air and outputting clean purified and breathable air to ensure the health and safety of your employees, and customers.
240W UVC High Occupancy Wall Mount Air Purifier
The 240W UVC High Occupancy purifier is a our strongest air purification system. This purifier is designed for large open spaces that quickly and quietly cycles out contaminated air for purified breathable air. This device is Wi-Fi operated and accessible through a user friendly app from your phone or tablet.