40W 4ft Linear Retrofit Kit (2 strips + driver) (5 pack)


Product Description

Our 4ft Linear Retrofit Kits are generally used in office, schools, stores, and healthcare applications and designed for 2x4' troffers. 

  • 5000k Color Temperature
  • 2200 Lumens
  • 100/277V
  • Suitable for Troffer and Surface Mounted application
  • Efficiency of 110 lumens/watt
  • Utilizes magnets for simple and quick installations
  • 50000 hours working time and 5 year warranty
  • Warranty: 5 Years. Any failure on the function and performance of the unit is covered under our 5 Year warranty. Contact us at info@vled.energy or at 804-562-8606
  • Driver Included

Installation Instruction

  1. Turn off power and remove door frame and diffuser
  2. Remove existing lamps, lamp holder, socket brackets, ballast cover and electronic ballasts
  3. Secure LED strips with self-tapping screws
  4. Place LED driver in the location where the electronic ballast was, secure with self-tapping screw
  5. Wire LED strips and driver according to wiring diagram in spec sheet
  6. Connect input wires with driver with wire connectors
  7. Place the original ballast cover back
  8. Install lens & frame